iPhone 7 Backlight Ways & Solutions

iPhone 7 Backlight Ways & Solutions

Iphone 7 Display light issue Normally coming

  • when your phone is Water damage
  • Careless Remove LCD
  • LCD Fault
  • Dry Lcd Connector

First Check Your LCD And Change It  If Not OK Check Hardware. iPhone 7 Back light Not Working Problem Solution Completely Explained In This Post iPhone 7 Backlight Ways

Do Step By Step

  1.  Change LCD
  2.  Check LCD Connector Dry Or Broken. If Broken Change Lcd Connector.
  3.  Check All Connections +ve And -Ve  ( Check Image )
  4.  No Voltage And Continuity In LCD Connector Check All Connected Components in This Pic

iPhone 7 Charging Ways And Solution

iPhone 7 Backlight Ways

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