Sony Xpiria J st26i Pattern Lock Remove Hard Reset

  • Hard reset is Helpful For  following situations

  1. When your device is virus infected
  2. When your handset becomes too slow.
  3. When some of the apps do not function and you cannot remove them.
  4. When there is some software or OS related problem which you cannot resolve.
  5. When your handset is pattern locked.
  6. You have forgotten the pattern as well as the gmail account ID/password associated with that device.

  • Precaution Before Preforming Hard Reset

  1. Please Backup Your Data Using any Backup Software
  2. Please Maintain 90% Battery Charge

  • How To Hard Reset Your Sony Xperia J st26i



  1. Switch On Your Phone Without Sim
  2. Click On Emergency Call
  3. Type #*#7378423#*#*
  4. Click On Customization Settings
  5. Select Reset Customization
  6. Select Reboot
  7. Done !

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